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On July 16th 2015 a fire broke out at the Fairmont Apartment building in downton Long Beach. Two People were seriously injured and 31 neighbors had to be displaced.

Shortly before 2 a.m. on Thursday night, a female resident of the apartment building on Chestnut Avenue heard screams for help and noticed the fire. She quickly called 911 and reported the incident. Because of the ongoing power outages in the area, which were caused by an underground electrical fire on Wednesday, an increased number of police officers were patrolling. So luckily some policemen arrived on the scene within minutes after bystanders, who also noticed the fire, flagged them down.

The officers were directed to the back of the building, where the fire broke out. The neighbors stated, that the two residents of the apartment on the first floor were trapped, because safety metal bars at the door and windows prevented them from escaping on their own. Smoke billowed out of the windows and heavy fire sharpened the situation, but the fire unit had not arrived yet. In the presence of mind, one of the courageous policemen pried the bars open with a piece of wood which was lying on the ground. He then entered the unit and rescued a 41-year-old man. Two other officers were able to save a 33-year-old-woman from the bursting flames. The two residents were immediately rushed to the hospital by paramedics to be treated for their life-threatening injuries caused by smoke inhalation and thermal burns. The officers were not hurt during their dangerous operation.

Flames climbed up upon the building and smoke started to creep into the other apartments as well, when the firefighters of the Long Beach Fire Department arrived. Fortunately the fire was put down in under ten minutes, after 50 firefighters initiated an aggressive fire attack.

The red cross supported the evacuation of the other 31 residents of the 20-unit building, including four children. The displaced neighbors all found a place to sleep at their families and friends, said Jake Heflin, who is the public information officer of the local fire department. He also spoke in high terms of the policemen, who first arrived on the scene: “Their actions and their quick thinking obviously saved two lives.”

It is still unclear what caused the fire. The investigation will have a closer look, if burning candles started the fire. Because of the power outage, a lot of people used candles to light up their rooms. The fire department advises to never leave burning candles unattended.

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name: apartment fire w/injury
type: fire (large)
place: Long Beach
date: 16.07.2015 - 02:00
time: 3h
adress: Long Beach
fire departments:
Long Beach Fire Department - apartment fire w/injury
Long Beach Fire Department
firefighting vehicles:
Type 1 fire engine - Fire Station 1 - apartment fire w/injury
Type 1 fire engine - Fire Station 1
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